Thursday, February 4, 2010

What am I?

I was born on October 17, 1986. Was Christened Arun John after some months of debating if a name would do any good to the character I'm now unknown at that time.

So am I
Arun John son of John Mary and Prema.K?
Am I the eldest grandson of K. Augustine Joseph and Achamma Joseph?
Am I a malayali without oiled hair and hair neatly parted to the LEFT?
Am I an Indian?
Am I em employee of some company?
Am I an ex-HCU?
Am I an ex-Loyolite?

What is my identity?
Can I ever be Arun John without any tags attached?


  1. Dude ain't u missing the point?
    We live to live upto the tags we have and at the same time, to out grow the tags and find our own voice. Till we write our song n sing we need a lyrics, a music and a conductor to conduct the concert, to keep the show going for the best is yet to come. dont u think thats what the tags are for? to be the platform to launch ourselves? to give us confidence till we find our own sourse of it? take another look at your list

  2. I think our identities cannot be pinned to one particular thing. Every little experience and every event shapes and defines us. all these tage make our collective identity... which i believe is constantly evolving.

  3. identity is imposed,.. U think we can undo theM????

  4. We can't undo certain identities but we can outgrow of some and we can create our own.