Thursday, February 18, 2010

Delhi Diaries

Yet another chapter is coming to an end. In another week I shall wave good bye to Delhi at least for the time being. Being in the media and aspiring to do something good for the nation (Now don't say, go die!) New Delhi is inevitable. How much ever you don't like the place it beholds a zillion opportunities.

Every time I go back from Delhi after my short stay I go back a wiser man, or at least I think so. This stint was no different. Delhi taught me many things:

(1) Police all over the country are fools, some are bloody fools (they try to enforce the law).

(2) Delhi's street book shops and second hand book shops have a better collection than the actual high rated book shops in the place.

(3) People in Delhi so want to look good that they forget to actually be good.

(4) It doesn't matter where you are working or what you are working as, it all depends on how you work (Recent discovery- UNESCO driver owns a Honda City and a Merc A class).

(5) When you hire a rickshaw if the driver quotes a sum, quote ten less than half the amount unless the sum is less than 30. For eg: If the driver says 100 say 40.

(6) The best way to make friends in Delhi is by swearing in Hindi and letting others know you know those words.

(7) A quarter bottle of rum is as expensive as a bottle of mineral water or slightly higher.

(8) Aaloo is the national vegetable. It is A-loo or no to loo.

(9) If you ever feel like enjoying nature and going for a walk, take a train and go to Haryana or Haridwar, it is just not possible in Delhi.

(10) Delhi traffic is so pathetic that you can walk the distance faster.

(11) Even before the latest t shirts and gadgets hit the market, try going to palika bazar of chor bazar...chances are you'll see them coming out only next week in the actual stores but you can for sure pick up an authentic fake one off there.

(12) And last but not the least, if you ever develop a fever, always consult a doctor, a good one too! Chances are it is not just a fever, there might be some attached file with it.


  1. Lovely post dude.. You did capture the essence of Delhi pretty well..

  2. interesting. very..

    haha. police ! i wud say a yes and no to that line. ;)

    you've got the style bro. keep writing. waitin 4 more! =) CHEERS!

  3. What a revelation!! must be added to the Delhi tourism guide book :)

  4. I'm more than thrilled at the comments. Thanks nobody said abysmal!

  5. I think point no.5 applies to just abt everywhere except tvm.:)

  6. Now I haven't read a more comprehensive and true description of Delhi ever before!If I could, I would vote for this to be a part of every tourist guide!