Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I don't know how many of you shares this predicament of mine to have aalo daily and that in all forms and sizes! I never knew I could get bored of a vegetable so much.

Now if you people think I am exaggerating I'll take you through the menu. Afternoon for lunch; palak aalo and roti, now at least you get to see something green for a change in contrast to oil and masala as always. Dinner, after much debating about eating out and sticking to the hostel food decided on the latter...the menu looked pretty good, some chaval, freshly prepared yet cold roti's, dal and...and...again aalo! mixed with some vegetable whose name I know not. After all that aalo in a day you can imagine how a Southie's system might react, true to my intuition my tummy started to rumble and giving hazard signals. It manifested in all forms which I wouldn't want to explain here, but feel free to let your imagination run wild! Anyhow with great difficulty caught some sleep! Morning went for breakfast, saw some bread toast, happy I was until I took one in my hands to see it wasn't bread toast, it was sandwich with aalo in it!! Bread toast with aalo!!!

This my friend is what I am going through and people complain of gastric problems and starch in food!

There is a malayalam movie by the name "Katha parayumbol" of which the bollywood flick 'Billu Barber' is a bad adaptation. In that movie there is a song about rubber and how much the malayali's love it and how it is inevitable for the malayalis...aalo reminds me of it.
for those mallus who read the blog and for the more adventurous non mallus who want to hear some tongue twisting hilarious song, here is the link:

It is interesting how each place has its characteristics...
If it is baingen to Andhra, coconut oil to mallus, thaiyiru saadam (curd rice)to is aalo for the delhi, just that aalo can be more called a Northie favorite, much to my distress!


  1. Reminds me of my time at Kharagpur : 4 years of 'aalo-centric' mess food and how our initial whining got succumbed to this vegetable's tyranny. I guess it'll take a while before your taste buds (and gastro system) become Northen-ised ! Till then try and keep a bottle of Pudhin-Hara handy at all times :)

  2. I am better off eating animals...