Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Of Amul Babies and Kumbakarnas

Here is a small conversation by some big people:

Mr Rahul Gandhi: “If voted to power, Kerala would have a 93 year old Chief Minister by the end of 5 years”

Mr Achuthanandan: “A gray head is not a sign of ageing, neither is lack of gray hair a sign of youth. The refusal to bow my head before tyranny is the sign of my youth. He has fielded some 'amul babies' in the poll arena and is an 'Amul Baby' himself”

Mr Antony: “Achuthanandan was sleeping like Kumbakarna, blind to scandals during his tenure and was raking up cases of past governments”

Mr Achuthanandan: “Antony was sleeping like Kumbakarna when terrorists from Pakistan landed on a boat and when the Adarsh housing scam broke out”

After having seen all this slandering and not so becoming behaviour by the elite and senior politicians of the country, today i.e April 13th Kerala is going to the polls for the Assembly elections. That was an indiscreet comment for a young lad to make after coming to a state where Mr VS is the chief Minister. Just when you think, a CM would react in a matured way, he blows it all by calling Mr Gandhi an 'Amul baby' and asking him where he was till the age of 40. Not to forget, Mr Achuthanandan is the only CM to be dropped from the party politburo while in office for slandering and for being caught in a war of words with his fellow Comrade and senior party member Pinarayi Vijayan.

Our Defense Minister is somebody who usually keeps a low profile and avoids such controversial statements, but this time even he blew the top. Maybe because, this happened in his state where he was the Chief Minister or maybe because he decided to express his never dying loyalty to the Congress and the Gandhi family by calling Mr Achuthanandan, Kumbakarna.

After witnessing all this through all possible mediums and laughing at the politicians, we are going to chose who will rule us, the so called 'amul babies' or the 'kumbakarnas'. My heart weeps for the voter who has no other choice but to select one of these. Let the lesser evil come to power.

It is in such circumstances that I miss the grand old man of Kerala politics, Mr Karunakaran. If he was alive, we could've expected a more than funny retort to all this. I am sure he must be twitching in his grave and dishing out retorts after retorts.
I am also waiting for the tweet from Tharoor regarding this, or has he realized its not worth it?

Our politics is the least to entertaining and worth a laugh.


  1. i like !
    exactly what i thought>
    the two main ppl in the constituency are in my opinion not worth it.still voted for the better one