Thursday, August 5, 2010

Its again the F word

A letter to familiarity

Oh Dear Familiarity thou art weird and unassuming.
The lack of it, you're branded a stranger...
The excess of it, you become a pain...
Is there something called a balanced familiar situation?
A some sort of politically correct familiar distance?

Oh familiarity...if you breed contempt, how on earth do marriages and relationships exist!!!
If thou says you could breed hatred do human relations exist!

Ah...Thou art a wily wicked chap
Men or women don't delight me...but you do Familiarity
But let me warn you my friend...if someday I come across you,
I am going to strangle you by the throat and make you my slave
I am going to lock you in the dungeons


  1. Good shit macha.. liked it.. post on fb

  2. Inspired by Jim ?

    Awesome note, like it, keep on doing this