Friday, August 13, 2010

Hyderabad Central University

For everyone there is a place, a mentoring ground; from where you learned the most in life. Maybe the hard way, maybe through fun…maybe through a combination of both.

Back in 2007, when I entered the gates of this 2500 acre campus called Hyderabad Central University (HCU), little did I imagine that, that when I walk out of this gate I would be a changed man. Little did I fathom that walking out of that place is not as easy as you think it is. We form a bond with nature, with the many creatures of that place which for the most part are humans!

In between the long winding roads and lakes, walks and time spent with a couple of people, between those innumerable cups of chai and from those many many VC rocks parties…That place, HCU has taught me many a thing, and for the most part helped me reaffirm certain truths and realities I always brushed aside.
•Somebody who speaks good English is not the one who knows the most or the most knowledgeable of all.

•Night is that dark side of the day people so call to get some rest or to drink

•Intoxication is not a crime…its just a way of life

•Long walks are the best. They help calm and ease yourself.

•It is not what you wear that matters, nor is it how you wear. It is what you know. Now I smirk at corporate dressing. It is a bloody farce.

•It is ridiculous to spend 100 bucks on a coffee at one of those national or international coffee joints. And you should shop only when there is a discount sale in progress.

•Chai is a mass drink. It helps discussion and we almost all the time end up learning something new, be it music, movies, Foucalt, Adorno or sex.

•For every rascal god makes an angel.

•It taught me to have faith in myself. Only then can I have faith in others and the world.

•Last but not the least, the best of all…It taught me the art of thinking. It opened my ‘doors of perception’. The place gifted me some of the best people in my life. Helped me make some brilliant new ones and reaffirm and concrete the one I knew I before entering the place.

These are just some fragments of what you learn and get out of the place. Everyday HCU has something new in store for you and there lay the mystery and the beauty of the place.

I can’t say I have changed completely, but I…I am not the same old Arun John anymore. I owe a lot of what I am now to that geographic mystic space called HYDERABAD CENTRAL UNIVERSITY. Hail to thee…


  1. Good post arun john...the truths learned at HCU will definitely serve you in good stead :)

  2. now a days dirty politics imposed by outsiders arun in the CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF HYDERABAD

  3. hey..... thanks for writing this senior! I feel the same for University!!

  4. @ Madhu aka Wapscallion...I am already feeling the difference. I bought two shirts for 1000 bucks! for my corporate life :-(

    @ Raju...that has been the case always Raju. Politics have always been dirty, atleast Im thankful that politics in campus ain't violent

    @ Swati...Thanks for the feedabck

  5. u r such a poignant writer Arun...keep them coming!!!

  6. I guess HCU taught us all a lot of things, all of which can be bunched up under the title 'LIFE'.Now whenever i pass the university on my way back from work, i wish i was back inside those gates.HCU is not just a university-its an experience.

  7. @ Divya aka Spaceman Spiff...the walls surround a phenomenal place which has nurtured and made many a winner!

  8. Good Post Arun.... You truly wrote what most of us think about our HCU life... Cheers !!

  9. Reading ur blog post makes me miss HCU more...:( gud one:)

  10. @ Priya...hey, thanks for the comment. When I wrote the blog, the intention in mind was to at least in noble measure do justice to the place made a deep impact on me.

  11. 'Chai is a mass drink'.. exclnt definition of T..and observational description of activities that take place on hcu. chalo, besides, indeed, its a nice post. be it focault, aderno, arun. jai ho.

  12. Hahaha...another victim of the HCU Hangover, which is prolly the only kind thatz soo amazing! Hail HCU! Keep it coming :D:D