Sunday, October 30, 2011


I am a hardcore metal fan and needless to say, I love Metallica, a band whose name even sounds like metal! I waded through half my school and college life listening to them and going for moshpits and rock concerts. In less than 3 hours, Metallica is playing at Bengaluru and I am sitting on my pad sipping a beer and listening to them on my laptop, sad but true (one of my fav songs by the by). It’s the dream of any Metallica fan to see Kirk Hammett live, but damn! I am not going for the gig. I have other responsibilities to take care of and ever since I started living on my own, I have been slightly more careful about my money. So here I am venting my frustration of not going for it by writing a blog (I know, Loser!!!) Five songs of Metallica which I think are just the best! Any rocker worth his locks cannot but head bang to these ultimate metal solos.

(1)Creeping Death
In the movie The Ten Commandments, The Angel of Death is represented by a green cloud. Bassist, Cliff Burton thought it looked like ‘Creeping Death’. Thus was born one of the best solos Metallica has ever had. This song was originally written when Kirk Hammett was in Exodus and was named ‘Die by the Sword’. Hardly any live performance goes without the crazy fans humming to this song when the chorus sings ‘die die die’.

(2)Master of Puppets
Ranked by VH1 as the third greatest Heavy Metal Song ever, Master of puppets is a song on drugs. The reference is to master controlling your life throughout the song; the master being drugs and the drug user the puppet. Metallica also recorded this with the San Francisco Symphony in 1999 which features in their album, S&M.

There are songs and then there are songs that never leave your mind; this song from ‘And justice or all’ was the first single released by the band to feature bassist Jason Newsted. He continued playing with Metallica until 2001. It is a song about a soldier wounded by a mortar blast in his face asking the doctor to kill him. The lyrics are based on the novel ‘Johnny Got His Gun’ by Dalton Trumbo, which is about World War I.

(4)Enter Sandman
Initially this song was supposed to be about death, but they changed the theme to nightmares because the then manager Bob Rock though death doesn’t sell. This paved way for James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett to make ‘Enter Sandman’ which is by far the most Radio played song of Metallica. Due to its overwhelming popularity, Metallica usually signs off an encore with this song.

(5)Fade to Black
When you are robbed the last thing you would do is write a song about it, but that was what inspired James Hetfield to write ‘fade to black’. He wrote this song one fine morning when he found his amp stolen. Not only was the amp his favourite, but the first one he ever owned. This song is all about losing everything and wondering if it’s worth going on. This is also the last song Jason Newsted performed on tour with Metallica.

For those who know them already, cheers! For others, try listening to them, you won’t be disappointed :-)


  1. How much I love yes Love FADE TO BLACK. But I dont know I have never been a hardcore Metallica fan.. Fan yes but umm not hardcore!

  2. @ Red Handed: Thanks..for being a follower true to the name. Glad to have you around.

  3. Heh thanks ya :) ur posts r worth being read.

  4. I'm not at all a metal fan, and not of Metallica's either. But the only two songs I've heard of theirs are absolute favourites of mine- Patience and Nothing else matters.

  5. And be a sweetheart (I know, hard for you to do that, but still, try) and remove word verification for comments, please. It's a major pain.

  6. @Spaceman Spiff: Sweetie, Patience is by Guns n Roses and not Metallica!

  7. hey arun i ma a fan of metallica to nice reading ur blog... my blog

  8. @ Adi: Thanks dude! Jai Metallica!

  9. So many Metallica people around and I have NO clue what the metal/hardrock scene is all about.
    Still, your love, you love:)

  10. Damn! i share your sentiments! I was watching it on the internet when thousands of people were having the time of their life. i couldn't see the one band which for me, is right up there on the epitome of rock history!