Monday, August 29, 2011


I have often wondered what exactly ‘passion’ is. The word never appealed to me much. I like many a thing, in fact a lot of things, I like music, I like travelling, I like books, I like speaking, I like good company, good stories…I mean the list goes on, but I don’t know if I am passionate about any of this cause at the end of the day I have to survive and once I started for fending myself, I understood that big difference between life and living.

I had the opportunity to run a marathon yesterday, the Hyderabad annual marathon. For me it was a matter of a challenge. I have never run 10 kilometres at one stretch in my life so far. When my ex colleague rang up and asked me if I was game for a 10K run, I thought why not.

I reached the starting point at 4.15 am in the morning, I was stunned to see at least a crowd of a strong 600-700 people assembled there. I saw people of all age groups, but what stays in my mind is the number of what I would call ‘oldies’, people way beyond their 40’s and 50’s. In the newspapers, I read today that the eldest to run was an 81 year old! I was humbled to say the least, but beyond that, I saw what passion was. They had a passion for running. While I was struggling to finish my 10K I saw a young man (55 years old) striding on his way to finish his 42k!!! It was passion, a passion for running, a passion for better health, a passion for proving themselves…maybe I know now what passion is.

It could be that thing what keeps you going when you’re all alone and the distance seems so far.

It could be that thing which makes life more challenging.

It could be hope.

I know not, I am still confused over the word, but I know one thing, if I really love something, that could mean the world to me.


  1. Passion is what makes you want to keep going even when your body has shut down and mind has numbed:) Atleast for me it is.
    Nice post.

  2. @ Priyanka: Thanks :-) thats sure one way of looking at it/

  3. Passion hmm...i have always made it stand arm to arm with the term Hobbies...maybe i too shud look at it from the Oxford Dictionary's point of view