Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I was just thinking:

Two years back when a student in the university, I used to withdraw 100 bucks from the atm whenever I wanted money. With that 100 rupees my whole day would run comfortably. I could have food at the campus food courts, do phone recharges and be happy. Now I withdraw 500 and its over in no time and I am left with more need of it.

I used to go to class wearing a shorts and t shirt. Now I look the part of a professional all formally clad and executive like. But I feel I knew more then when I had my sartorial freedom...

I now buy a formal shirt from a well off place for my daily wear, but it doesn't feel as snug as the 100 rupee kurta I used to wear as a student.

I now have coffee at Barista's or Coffee Days, but it doesn't taste as good as the 'char rupaya ka bada chai' I used to have under some tree in the campus.

Now I meet people for dinner over a Mac Donalds or in a cafe outside in the city, but the conversation is not as good as it used to be while sharing a roti and some curry on some stone bench in the campus food joints.

I don't have any sleepless nights now as far as work is concerned, nor do I have the happiness I had when I worked on my seminars, edited my documentary, did my term paper not sleeping for 5 days at a stretch.

Now at the beginning of every month I have a good amount in my account, but it doesn't hold the same excitement as it had when the money was less than one fourth of it deposited by my parents when I was a student.

I go for long walks on some sequestered lane, but it just doesn't have the charm of a late night walk with some special friends on some long winding university road.

I now pay a ton and go for a movie at some multiplex, but I loved the local cinema with some creaky seats and no air conditioning near the campus which I used to go counting every penny before buying a ticket.

I now stay in my own apartment and have all the space I want in the world, but it is not as comfortable as the tiny room I used to share with my roommate in some dinghy hostel behind a rock in the university.

I can now buy the beer of my choice, but I enjoyed the one which I bought in campus skeptic if that beer would deprive my mobile recharge next day.

I can rant on and on like this. Life seems so much more simpler back then, even though I had more deadlines than now, when I had 100 rupees left in my account and a week left before next grant from home, when I had no sleep for days at stretch and had no hope for it in days to come...

Just like the places and nature seem to be zip by when you travel in a train, Life zips by and you are supposed to do your part.


  1. dude.. good one.. keep going

  2. @ Aju: Thanks macha. Will sure keep going...

  3. yes, that's very true, most of those feelings u hve shared here, even I can see myself but then whenever I feel like that I say to myself "instead of craving for the joy that we found in the past, its time to keep such memories as the strength to find again a new joy, a new excitement, a new fun filled life, not measuring it with happiness that I felt in the past, but just by living the moment to the fullest...."

  4. @ Shilpa: I never said things are bad now. I just feel life was much better then. I don't say I am happy now, but certain things just have a different charm. There was a time when me and shruthi and divya used to go for a dinner outside the campus and swear to each other that we wont do this for the next wee cause we don't have money. Now we have more to spend, but that old charm is lost. In fact like you said, these are the memories on which each of us is build. They form the pillars on which we build the nest floor...

  5. Life...
    Its sets you thinking..
    Good one.

  6. am in love with this blog post of yours. we definitely have such a wonderful attachment with the campus and the friends there. thats the phase which can only be cherished forever,i will always miss HCU life. i just love it....

  7. @ Pallavi: Its that part of our life we can truly call happiness I guess.

  8. Hi Arun,
    i am Ashish. Shruthi, Deepti and I, are working in the same office. Today, Deepti forwarded me the piece... felt like i rode on time back to the days of my studenthood. Ya , time changes... But, one thing! I never let those moments to pass by.. still i relish on the 4 rupee-tree and chhota Gold flake, at times Moments.. though i can afford some other expensive brands.. still going to the same hotel besides our hostel where u can still find your launch at Rs 15 to Rs 20. Never thought of trying something else for the sake i can afford it. just unzip yourself... not impossible task.. rather very easy since we are used moves on.. but, still some scope for being original, which we really enjoyed our 'self'. Brands, luxury never lured me... just hang on buddy... see what you are eager to see in yourself, others. At last, if some untoward happens.. i have a nice phrase to tell others... TERA KYA JAATA HAI????Hope, i have not made you bore...PEACE.

  9. Hey Ashish
    I have heard about you. Don't worry, its nothing bad. Thanks for the comment. Actually I haven't changed much. I still have chai from the bandi on the road side, eat at the wayside joints, drink the same old poison. Its only my sartorial style that has changed, but again...that is more due to compulsions. Its a 'have to'. On a Sunday when I roam around I still prefer my good old 100 rupee ka kurta and a jeans which hasn't seen water since its been picked off the shop. Life has changed, but I haven't. How much ever others try to impose upon me, they can only change my outward style...inside I am still the same old guy who cared two hoots if the floor is dirty or if the glass is washed before pouring a drink and sitting down with the choicest of people with a packet of peanuts...

  10. wow...I really needed to read something like this today. Its much has changed...and well, I guess I'm thankful that not everything has. :) Keep writing.

  11. @ Jyotsna: Some changes were inevitable, that happened and what has to happen will happen. But there are some things up to us...those will remain the same.
    And whatever changes happen, I will keep writing...or at least I hope so :-)
    Thank you.

  12. Your post reminded me of my days in walks with my friends and off course Gops tea..loved your writing :)

  13. @ Riicha: Thank you mate. Well..I was also reminded about a lotta things while writing this.

  14. @ Musings: Saw this only now, thanks! Honored.