Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How long will it take...

A few days ago I was traveling by the local train here. A lady was asking for alms along with her daughter in my compartment. When they were walking one lady in burqa stamped on the little girl's feet with her heeled footwear. The child held her tears, looked up at the mom who was busy begging and continued walking along with her. Her feet had become reddish and blood was coming out. I don't think she even had the freedom to cry. How could the lady who stamped her treat the kid so inhumanely? without any consideration for a human being?

A lady in Delhi lay down on the streets of Cannaught Place and gave birth to a baby. The lady was there on the pavement for 5 days apparently. Nobody offered any help or even bothered. Finally after 5 days she gave birth on the streets. It caught the attention of a shopkeeper as there were dogs circling around that pile as if there is a feast in the offing. Anybody who knows Delhi knows how busy CP is. There are people walking in and out, day and night, but nobody cared a shit about who was there or what was there.

How bad should it get before somebody raises a voice?
How much more callous can people get before it becomes a point of no return?
Is indifference such a cool thing?
Would s/he have reacted the same way if it was somebody of his/her own?
If humans are this, then we need to rethink about the word 'humanity' or 'humane'

One of my friends/ confidant/ big uncle once told me, “Its not necessary that for helping out people you should join an ngo...you are the ngo” I guess that responsibility is needed in each. It is not philanthropy, it is not big heartedness, it is not for rhetoric sake, but for making a difference. If i can put a smile on one person before i go to bed for the day I can consider myself a happy person.

I have talked to many a person about this and the feedback I have got is “somebody has to take it up. Somebody has to do something about all the injustice around” I have only one question, why can't that 'somebody' be you or me? How long can you wait for something to happen? I believe if one can inspire one, that will in turn inspire five, and that five a ten and it goes on...


  1. your writing reminds me of a line from Life of Pi. 'The most dangerous animal in the zoo is human'. also reminds me of a song - how many times must a man look up, before he can see the sky...the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind...

  2. Sonal: Yes, Bob Dylan's song was ringing over and over in my head while i wrote this. And like Oscar Wilde said "Maybe we are some other planet's hell"

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpAMbpQ8J7g&feature=related