Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We all live in a bad wild world

Oh! I had a friend...
Who used to sing and say
Its no good, if you can't pay!

So one day, when the time came
He told his girl, “so honey...
its time to throw some money”

All in all love is divine
But in the end together we wine
A crime it is, enough to whine

We all live in a bad bad world
We try to keep a cool cool head
A cool cool head without a brain

Now it wouldn't be much of an issue
If thinking n talking, went hand in hand
But now, Ranting n raving, goes side by side

We all live in a bad bad world
We all live in a wild wild world
We all live in a bad wild world


  1. Hmmm..so vague.I wnder who you're referring to, arun. :P

  2. @ Spaceman...I draw my subjects from a variety of avenues. Sometimes it can be as simple as the chicken vendor whom I fondly called chicken mamu in front of my colony, sometimes it can be a cab driver, an auto driver. My friends, friends turned fiends...This also I accept is from one of such avenues!

  3. Oh really? interesting..do i know this 'avenue'?

  4. @ Spaceman...okay Sherlock Holmes!
    You know the avenue the instance and the characters I am talking about!

  5. well it did make sense to me though am not very sure if ur talking abt love, human behaviour or changing times...or maybe it's blend of all 3...

  6. @ Ritu -

    To be honest its quite abstract even in my head! There is this instance which made me think and ya..this is how it manifested!