Saturday, November 6, 2010

Life goes on...

Its been almost a year since I started my blog, and I have about 25 posts to name and by god's grace 20 followers...I am exhilarated at this. I used to and still write for myself. Writing for me is passion, a vent of emotion, an expression of a different kind. And I also believe its experience which gives the word its power. I don't write just for my blog. The blog for me is a forum which I contribute with sincerity and love of writing. Each of these blog posts have a history and an emotion behind it. I have drawn my topics from various avenues and people which I will speak about in a different post.

Fortunately, in my life till now I've had the grace of meeting, being with, spending time and sticking with a bunch of amazing people. This blog is dedicated to all my people who have a role in what I am today.

My dad taught me the fine art of modesty. He taught me what constitutes character. My affinity towards the media and books and writing was a result of watching him study. He taught me the fine art of executing something meticulously. There is this line he told me way too long back which stays in my mind. He said “Son, be true to yourself. Give in 100 % to whatever you do, be it your sports, your studies, your music, your movies...whatever. Love your parents, your friends, your cousins, your family, your girlfriend...”

Being just to the word motherhood, my mom has been there and still is..rock solid; as a friend, a confidant, a treasurer and a mother...I believe that single word is all encompassing of a zillion positive qualities. In my school days when I was notorious for all the wrong reasons, once when I was doubtful of passing my 7th standard I asked my mom “what will you do if I fail this year” All she said was “you're my son whatever happens” and thats the flame that has given me the guts of a teenager, the adventure spirit of a 22 year old and the integrity of a good guy. Both of them taught me the words dignity, pride, honor, integrity, commitment etc...

My younger Brother, looking at the way he is coming up in life, a sense of brotherly responsibility grips me. I see a lot of myself in him.

There are a couple of friend who journeyed with me, saw the country with me, drank with me...but taught me, inspired me. They've just been there...

Vishnu Menon, I have not known another person who had to carry so many responsibilities at such a young age. He once told me “Sadness is a good thing, it propels you forward”. Only a person with an amazing will power and an amazing confidence in himself can say that. Hats off to you man! You have been my morale booster for long now

Rakesh Venugopal, Hats off to you too mate, just for giving me the confidence that courage is
something cultivated and caressed. Leaders are made, and you are a fine make I tell you.

Divya, for just being around...For being the little but big thing in my life. For helping me realize relationships are made in heaven...Its only rarely people get to be in something so pure.

Shruthi...Understanding begins where love ends. Thanks for the faith, the trust and the confidence you have in me. The Understanding which we share has helped me move on...

Aparna, for the never dying spirit she shows in everything she does. For all the debates we went, the quizzes and the many lunches and dinners. You're such a fine girl!

Till now I haven't been proved wrong in the choice of my people.

“Life goes on...”

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