Friday, January 22, 2010

Its a weekend!!!

How I used to hate weekends when I was a student in HCU!!! All my friends would sleep through the Sunday...if possible into Monday also, as for me..sleep for the past 2 years has been a very seldom visited territory. So Sunday morn, I would wake up and start with the news papers and any material I could lay hands on to while away time.

Alas!!! spoken too soon. I got a job and started working. How soon weekends started to wizz by...all I worked through the week was for the weekend. To laze around, to have a beer on a Saturday without having the thought tomorrow I need to drag myself to office. I love my weekends now!!

This my friends is typical human nature...

To quote Shelley
"We humans look before and after
and pine for what is not
Our sincerest laughter with some pain is fraught
Our sweetest songs are those
which remind us of our saddest thoughts"


  1. Reminds me of Lamb's 'Superannuated Man'. How he longs for a sunday, and when the sunday comes, the worry of the coming week spoils the sunday, and before you know it, your sunday is over. I feel exactly the same every sunday evening. I've mentioned that in a blog of mine too, how i cherish my sundays.
    One more point to remind you. Referring to the part where you've written about sleep, i just have to say- Refer to the mail i sent you some time back. Keep referring to it.

  2. Lamb calls it 'Black Sunday' due to the cloud that looms over you about the worry of the office next day.
    And about sleep...I lost the mail and with that little bit of fear too dissipated ;-)

  3. HCU sundays? If my memory is't fooling me i clearely remember me and Jolly coming back from church knocking at your door.. we hav always found u sleeping lest reading and as soon as we come another day of campus beat starts...