Saturday, March 19, 2011

World is a stage...

There were people all around me, I could feel multiple stares at me from all possible sides. But I was alone. I didn't know where I was or what I was doing there. I just had to keep on walking, walking to an unknown place in no specific direction. My legs were giving away to the weariness of a tiresome day and intoxication was blurring my mind. I don't know if it was the effect of long hours of work and no sleep or the pegs of whiskey I had as part of some meeting where I again was in the midst of unknown faces and people, looking important.

I kept on mobile was vibrating, yea I had put it on silent since the ring tone irritated me. It could be a call or a message. It could be my mom or some friend calling or it could be my friend messaging for some unknown reason. I was wondering to myself, why do people wanna talk? Can't we be just by ourselves? How does it matter to my friend if I had dinner or if I reached home? Why is there a need to know what or why or how? right was Jim Morrison, “People are Strange”

Now after long hours of walk, I can see some familiar place or is it an illusion or a distant double of a place I know but not necessarily this. Whatever I decided to get a pan from some pan shop and disguise the strong stench of whiskey with the smelly red fluid of chewed pan. Why would I want to do that? Don't people drink? Some drink and drive, some drink and walk, some drink and beat their wives, some drink and make love, some drink and puke...but people drink! Then why would I wanna have some gross red fluid in my mouth after chewing some green leaf?

Oh...I forgot I had music playing in my small gadget plugged to my ear. I can't really remember if it was Floyd or Led Zep or Morrison...but it sounded good ever since I started to notice it. I was transported to different place from then on...I suddenly had shoulder length hair and was wearing a weird looking t shirt and was no longer walking, I was sitting among some familiar faces, but I don't know if they know I am there...they seemed to enjoy. One dude across my table was pretending to be one rock star and woo the chick next to him. I think he offered her a drink. She was also pretending to be a babe...I was also pretending to love the 'do'.

Everybody pretends, puts up an act and tries to cover up showing that you care, that you don't drink, that you are cool...who is original and who is not.


  1. Not everybody Arun,there are some around with out transparent as a crystal.
    A good read indeed.

  2. Read Chuck Palahniuk's books and short stories..

  3. @ Jyotsna: Thanks for the comment and for reading the post.
    I do accept what you said, there are still non pretentious and genuine people around. And as for the was just a fragment of my present cluttered state of mind.

  4. loved the post..though it seems to be quite casual at first, it does raise few questions in my mind on the basic human instinct (Don't know if I can say so) of questioning people and interfering in their lives and longing for their own space at the same time.