Monday, December 6, 2010

Let it go...

If u feel something is not worth holding on have to let it go.
Why spoil your mood and deny the freedom of the other. If something is not meant to be with you, it never is, however hard you try. So the best thing to do is just to let it go and be happy rather than having to let go of it in a very awkward circumstance.

I seriously don't understand the need for people to keep with them what is not meant to be there with them. If something is meant to be yours leave it and see, it'll come back. Never be the dictator who chains the freedom or anything or anybody.

Why can't people accept the importance of a fart? Its a perfectly natural human process where you let something free. What goes in has to go out and there is no point holding on to it. In fact its better to let go if it at the apt time rather than wait and make a fool of yourself at not so apt a time.

But of course there are farting etiquettes:

Unless its a silent fart never fart in public.

Even if its a silent fart, if you think its a smelly one don't fart when its just two of you. It leaves you with lesser space for speculation.

Take ample fart breaks. The washroom or the balcony in the best place to let it go.

If you know that the other person has relieved himself/herself, don't look at him/her as if they did a big crime. You never when its a bad fart day for you...

And last but not the least...

If the fart was unintentional do not hesitate to take up ownership. If one man can make a difference to the society's outlook on people who fart, so be it...

So...LET IT GO...


  1. @ Ajay: Ha ha...I can smell it here!

  2. You are the farter of this nation!
    No Gandhi slogans, only gandi slow guns!

  3. Classy, da! But yea...about time someone thot of farting etiquette :P:P

  4. @ Adil: Trust you to comment on something like this!

  5. @ Rayofmoonlite: Yes...they should iclude fart etiquettes in company working guidelines!

  6. that was a very complex thought presented in a very simple manner....:)
    a loud round of fart applause for u bro...:)