Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My love, my everybody's love...

Every night I waited for you
My door never closed before you
But alas...for a week where have you been
Where did thou disappear...

Its the same blood that runs in our bodies
Its the same place we both liked
My arms miss your kisses...
Oh my dearest...

Is it the weed?
Is it the people around?
Is it the rains?
What prolongs your visit?

Upon the hills I searched
Down in the valleys I wailed
Like a bee looking for a flower
I searched for you night after night

Now I am not so much of a bitch
To let others upon me
Like a lover waiting his beloved
I shall wait for your itchy kiss...

Oh my dear mosquito...


  1. So,is there this one particular mosquito that you're having an affair with, or is it the species in general?

  2. Its one particular mosquito who has distinct legs...she is the only one who sits on my temple...seldom bites...

  3. In her spare time she works as a hair hostess!

  4. Pure Genius!
    Was it love at first bite?

  5. @ ADIL...ya mate! she loved my blood! apparently it makes her tipsy...

  6. ROFL... this is hilarious! Everything was going jus fine till the itchy kiss :D M sure the species as a whole is honored by your ode to one of their kind ;D