Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It is all in a name!

We all come into this world without anything, but go with a name. For example I was born son of John Mary and Prema John. Weight- 2.5 kg. But when I die it will be Arun John (1986-!!!!). I have my name to go with me.

I consider myself very fortunate that I have a good name to call myself, a rather common name but still you would think it is a weird name. Now let me admit, I have been a very mean person. I have asked some people their name and when it sounded weird I have laughed and spread the word that so and so guy/girl has a very funny name!

Naming is not limited to just naming people, be it naming political parties, auto rickshaws, movies, shops! At this point I am forced to ask myself a couple of questions...

Why would anyone name a party DIC(K)? Trust me...the nonagenarian from Kerala Mr K. Karunakaran did name his party that. Expanded it reads Democratic Indira Congress (Karunakaran)....but who cares!

What crime did Hussain commit before birth to get the initials MF? ...And Sheila Dikshit!!!

Why did the lady who liked Darjeeling so much name her own son Darjeeling!!! I heard America too

You might not believe me but there are people walking with the names Emergency, Particular, Prophecy etc...

I know somebody whose second name was Bang!!! However you pronounce it.

Why do Malayali’s name their wards after their dad and mom? For example if the kids name is Thangamma, there are high chances that the father’s name is Thangachan and mother’s name Ponnamma. If a person’s name is Sheeja, the chances are the father’s name will be Shivan or Shashi and mother’s name Jancy, Janu etc...

I saw a Tiffin box brand name ‘Hot Guy’. I can’t help assume this was a marketing strategy. Like a girl could message her friend...“I am taking the ‘hot guy’ home” and she wouldn’t be bluffing.

It is true, all of us are not blessed with awesome names...but I am happy that my parents weren’t one of those who vowed that they would break all conventional naming patterns.

The list can never end. Dearest readers of my blog...do post anything funny you find like this. I wouldn’t mind a good laugh.


  1. I have a class mate from college whose name is "V R Reji".We once went to the sports trainer at college to get into athletics team.
    Trainer: "Hello boys, tell me ur names"
    Reji:"V R Reji"
    Trainer:"No my boy, its "I am Reji" "
    Reji:"No, V R Reji"
    Trainer:"beggar, open up ur english grammar book , its "I am Reji""
    PS:-It is a real life incident :P

  2. Good One Arun John..:)We, the people of "Don't-know-and-care-what-GAY-is" land has always had our deep encounters with the nomenclature..

    I'm a 'weird name' person..:) Like you truthfully pointed out, lot of mean people out there LOLed at my funny name umpteen times..:) But i love it..:) And I will happily take it with me, when i leave the planet..:) After all, It's MINE..!


  3. @Ajaytvm: I think i studied with that guy in school. Is he a dark chap,tall?

    And arun, don't forget 'Naughty Bean Bag'.
    I've even heard of someone named Dubai Mon.
    And of course, Jassie Gift. His dad was named Gift Isaac, from what i know. No wonder his son is so gifted!!!

  4. @Spacemanspiff: yea, he is a dark chap. Think he did his schooling from KV Pangode.

  5. If u speak the same Mallu as me u'll undstnd this.. else ask for clarification :)
    The child of Krishnan and Mini would be called???

    Krimi... :P
    ppl from mallu land told me...

  6. nothing can beat the name of a girl from Chennai-Emaculate Conception!even mallus have not achieved such high standards..hmm,not yet!:P

  7. Emaculate Conception!!! u gotta be kidding me...